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Hands that make chapati

    Time to flatten and place it in a pan... | fungaifoto

    ONE OF THE staples in Kenya is chapati, an unleavened flatbread that goes down well with stew, curry or by itself. You can even use it as a wrap for your favorite sweet or savory fillings. Chapatis were originally from the Indian sub-continent. The West African version differs slightly in how much oil is used.

    While my family lived in Machakos (2016-2018), our child’s caregiver invited us to her house one day for a meal and a chapati-making lesson. 

    The little one had fun playing with the dough while we learnt a few new things.

    I found that the exact recipe varies from person to person. Here’s a good explainer video to give you the gist of making East African chapatis. Enjoy. 

    According to Wikipedia, chapatis were introduced to other parts of the world by immigrants from the Indian subcontinent, particularly by Indian merchants who settled in Southeast Asia and the Caribbean islands.

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