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So Many Roads to Choose From. New York. 2013


Projects that challenge me in different ways are what I gravitate towards. For instance, a project that needs photography, video, text and is presented on a website and on various social media platforms is totally drool inducing for me. Throw in a team of passionate creatives to work with, and who needs air? That said, here is some of the work I have done…


I love photographing people having fun, people out and about doing their daily living, and people interacting with each other. Arts, culture, and society has always been my jam. For many years I covered live music events, fashion shows, gallery openings consistently. I was at some event, clicking away, almost daily. I photographed artists, pastors and presidents and loved that I was able to document all these things as they happened. I also set up a studio at the office and did regular photoshoots there and on location.